Full moon

Bro held an impromptu staff meeting today just before the lunch rush: “Be prepared today – its a full moon so we might encounter some strange behavior. Whatever happens, just be polite and smile”. We all had a chuckle and set about preparing for the onslaught.

So, does a full moon really effect people’s behavior? Is there any scientific proof that intermittent insanity has anything to do with its phases? After a quick Google search, apparently not. Studies have shown that there is no correlation between the two (shocking, I know)! Unfortunately, every ‘lunatic’ you have encountered and every crazy event that has taken place can’t be attributed to the phases of the moon.

Check out this article by Live Science where they debunk some of the myths associated with our satellite.

With my brothers advice still at the forefront, I politely smiled today when a customer told me with disapproval that she was “bloody sick of those” when referring to our only gluten free sweet option. Unfortunately, with new knowledge now at hand, I’m unable to blame the full moon for her behavior. Evidently, madam coeliac has simply lost the plot!



4 thoughts on “Full moon

  1. Whenever it’s a full moon- like tonight I feel a bit out of sorts. I find myself dressed in outfits that leave me scratching my head. Today for example I think I left the house in my pyjama top. Luckily I didn’t have on the matching pants.

  2. Apparently i was a bit nasty last night and this morning. My husband attributes this to the full moon. Either that or he has to come to the realisation that he married a B-t-h.

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