My Family Stickers

Is it just me or have you also noticed an increase in white stick figures stuck on car rear windows lately? I had no idea what they were until I heard them mentioned on the radio. My Family stickers, as they are known, are obviously the latest gimmick on the market making someone out there a millionaire.

Basically, all you need to do is represent your family (and pets) by choosing a corresponding stick figure for each member and stick it to your window. My question is, since when did the general populous need to know this information? I for one am not in the slightest bit interested.


Just your average family

Take for example the other day, when a middle aged gentleman rolled up next to me in traffic with a sticker of what I assume was himself and 3 cats! Do you really want other people knowing this? Why would you make yourself a target for harassment and ridicule?


The cat woman

Out of curiosity I checked out the website and online store to see what options there were. The categories covered all members of the family. Some examples were:

  • The tennis playing mum
  • The angelic baby
  • The cycling dad
  • The gardening grandpa
  • The knitting nanna

All peachy keen – that is if you lived in a perfect world!

It got me thinking. Did these stickers truly represent us? What if we could produce alternate family stickers – ones that actually represented the community as it really is? Things like:

  • The alcoholic mother
  • The creepy uncle
  • The stripper sister
  • The bogan brother
  • The hipster teen

Now they would really make car windows interesting!

I’m sure this fad will run it’s course and before you know it, family stickers across the nation will be peeled away from family cars, leaving behind faint outlines and etches on car windows as a reminder of their existence. Until then, I might just get myself a single female sticker for my car and see if it’s successful at procuring me a date!


Seeking stick figure man



3 thoughts on “My Family Stickers

  1. These family stickers are one of my pet hates when driving. They are so stereotypical it drives me insane! You’re absolutely right…where is the stripper sister, the dole bludging father or the knocked up teen?? There’s a market out there Maggie – quick do it before someone else does!

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