Would you like fries with that?

It’s no wonder online shopping has overtaken in-store sales. My expedition to my local shopping centre the other day confirmed to me the reason why I enjoy browsing the internet instead of shop windows in recent times.

As most women will tell you, there is nothing like a little retail therapy. The ability to touch, try and test your purchases can never be replaced by a computer. Why then do stores insist on making one of my favorite pastimes a horror!

Without fail (and this is no exaggeration), every time I went to check out I would be inundated with a multitude of questions and requests. Do you have a loyalty card? No. Would you like one? No. Do you receive our emails? No. Would you like to? No. Do you have a voucher? No. Well, if you sign up for a loyalty card we’ll email you one. NO!

Look. I would be lying if I told you that I have never succumbed to their relentless pressure, but I have. So much so that I have had to buy another wallet to carry all these cards.

Walking through the mall isn’t any easier. You’re made to feel guilty about the plight of 3rd world countries and asked to sponsor a child. I already do. Try on this perfume. No thanks. Sign this petition. I don’t agree with it. Give us your first born child. I don’t have a second one let alone a first!

The clincher was at the supermarket where my sister was asked to donate and buy raffle tickets for the Children’s Hospital. A noble cause, I agree, but at the supermarket checkout?

Unfortunately, it looks as though we’re stuck in a vicious cycle. Retail sales are plummeting so they have no option but to entice us in-store. What a shame they’re losing the plot as well as their customers at the same time.



4 thoughts on “Would you like fries with that?

  1. If I did not have to pay those extra shipping costs, I bet I’d shop online always.. I too end up buying more when I hit the malls & such..Ugh, a vicious cycle!

    • My gripe is with buying shoes in Myers. You look at the display, choose a shoe then stand in line waiting for the one frazzled assistant to retrieve your size. If you ‘re lucky you find a seat where you can try on your choice. If it’s not quite right you repeat the process until you’re satisfied. Then you look for a cash desk to pay for your purchase. In the “old” days you would sit whilst an assistant brought you an assortment of style /size from which you’d make your choice after which you’d be painlessly relieved of your money. How things have changed. Must say though I would hesitate to buy shoes on line.

      • Trish – I particularly hate it when the assistant seems to walk to the other side of the centre to retrieve the shoes you want (I observe them walking into the distance), then return 10 minutes later only to find they’ve either brought you the wrong size or shoe and need to go back again! Thats when I give up – I can’t be bothered waiting x

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