It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I was more than taken aback when one day in mid October one of our customers (who had just finished their trade course for the year) wished us all a Merry Christmas. It felt wrong reciprocating the sentiment when there were still 2 and a half months to go, yet I did.

I realised then that the holidays were fast approaching and like me, many others are keen for them to roll around, but none more so than our retail outlets. Trekking through my local shopping mall, it was pretty evident they were pushing Christmas early too. Lo and behold a five piece brass band on centre stage churning out Christmas carols and I singing along to Come All Ye Faithful whilst browsing through racks of clothes – and it’s the first week of November!

I turn the corner and there he is – Father Christmas with his posse of elves. Such a horrible impersonation of this revered character that I actually gave them a look of disgust. What on earth are you doing here so early mister? You could at least make an effort to look your best! I wonder what the kids were thinking? Are they just as concerned about the dark hair peaking through your ill-fitted wig or in the fact you’ve left the North Pole unattended at this crucial time?

Hop into the next aisle and it’s no surprise. Floor to ceiling Christmas merchandise! Hmm – are you trying to tell me something here? Oh I get it – Christmas is coming! It’s bad enough that 2 bags of groceries are costing me $100 these days, but no problem – I’ll just get into the festive spirit early and buy more cards, baubles, wrapping paper etc that I don’t really need 3 MONTHS in advance!

What gets up my goat even more is that once Christmas is over, they’ll be stocking Easter merchandise within a week!



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