Melbourne Weather

I am so lucky to live in the most livable city in the world – Melbourne. I love it’s open spaces, it’s cultural diversity, the bay, the mountains, the amazing restaurants and its quirky Cafes. There’s also one other thing I love about my town that only other fellow Melbournians will understand and that’s its weather.

Only in Melbourne can you truly experience 4 seasons in one day. Literally, you could be wearing a coat in the morning and a t-shirt by the afternoon. In Melbourne, our wardrobe is always at the ready. We never put away our winter clothes because winter could only be a day away. In Melbourne everyone carries a jacket or an umbrella, ‘just in case’. In Melbourne it’s impossible to plan an outdoor event based on what you think the weather is going to be.

Melbournians are obsessed with the weather. We track it on our PDAs and mobile phones. We talk about it, tweet about it, Facebook it, Instagram it, even blog about it! We have the Bureau of Meteorology bookmarked as one of our favorites on our laptops. We follow the satellite images on TV and we take front row seats in our lounge room windows and watch weather events take place. If our suburb escapes one of mother natures furies, we feel left out. Melbournians know the 7 day forecast off by heart and question the Meteorologists when they get it even slightly wrong.

Our interest in the weather doesn’t stop at our front doorstep. We are glued to the TV to follow weather events all over the world. We nod our heads in understanding, shake our heads in disbelief and send our prayers to those who need them. Our experience with drought, floods & golf-sized hail storms puts us in good stead to be empathetic.

I know all this because I live in Melbourne….and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thoughts and prayers to all on the East Coast of the USA bunkering down to hurricane Sandy today

Melbourne – Friday 26 October, 17 degrees

Melbourne – Monday 29 October, 24 degrees

Melbourne – Tuesday 30 October, 31 degrees!




7 thoughts on “Melbourne Weather

  1. Maggie – I love your writing and (I think) your irony. For us in NSW, Melbourne weather has been a constant source of amazement & derision. However I think that has changed in recent times. We too are subject to considerable variances in our weather patterns and I’m starting to behave like a Melbournian i.e. “layering” (thanks Pete) and fire-lighting in October mornings – unheard of previously. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your posts.

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